Employment Law in Dallas, TX: Common Issues for Employers

Employment Law Dallas TXRunning a business can be stressful. Along with hiring employees and ensuring that they are doing their work properly, you have to do what you can to make sure they remain happy and have no reason to complain about their job. While you may try to please them all, there are some who simply can’t be pleased and may end up causing legal troubles for you later down the line. When an employer is faced with an issue regarding employment law in Dallas, TX, it is likely that they will be dealing with one of the common issues for employers: employer retaliation, wrongful termination and discrimination.

Employer Retaliation

Employer retaliation occurs when an employer is retaliating against an employee for committed a number of different of acts. For example, reporting the employer for illegal acts, refusing to engage in illegal acts with their employer or filing a harassment claim. Typically, when an employer is retaliating, they will terminate an employee, refuse to promote them or even reduced their hours.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer relieves an employee of his or her duties, but this dismissal breaches the employee’s contract or violates the employee’s rights. In many states, employers are allowed to terminate their employees for any reason at any point in time, but there are some instances where the termination is unlawful and may result in a lawsuit.


Discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee differently than others or terminates them due to their age, sex, sexual orientation, race or religion. With this particular issue, employers may deny an employee a promotion, terminate them or reassign their duties.

Should an employee believe that an employer is guilty of retaliation, discrimination or wrongfully terminating them, this could lead to trouble for the employer. No company or business wants to deal with an employee filing or considering filing a lawsuit against them. If you believe that an employee is planning to sue you due to an incident that has occurred in the workplace, you may want to speak to an attorney who can answer your questions about employment law in Dallas, TX.

It is normal for companies and businesses experiencing issues with employment law in Dallas, TX to have questions and concerns. Employers can contact Simon Paschal at 972-893-9340 to schedule a consultation. To learn more about our firm and practice areas, you can also visit us online at simonpaschal.com.

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