Who We Are

We understand that legal services are an expense most companies and individuals would like to avoid.  Attorney fees can become significant, and they obviously do not directly yield revenue.  While avoiding the expense can be tempting, that temporary cost savings often can result in greater expense down the road in the form of lawsuits, poorly drafted contracts, legal compliance problems, and liability protection issues. While legal may be an expense, we believe the true cost is not asking.

We also know that hiring a lawyer is not a decision you take lightly, nor should it be.  As an owner and employer, you pour your heart and soul into building your business and you want not only to protect it but also see it thrive.  When you need to hire an employment attorney or business attorney to accomplish those goals, it should be an attorney that cares about your business as much as you do and understands what it means to build something.  It should be an attorney that exhibits the same concern, passion and drive toward your business as you do.

With these beliefs in mind, we built a law firm around a philosophy of being truly client driven.  It is not simply a hollow phrase.  It is a core belief and the driving factor in every decision we make and every action we take.  We understand that our business is built on clients and the client’s best interest is all that matters.  If that means convincing you a certain course of action is not in your best interest even if taking that course of action would yield us legal fees, so be it.  If that means an all-hands-on-deck approach to address your matter quickly and effectively, we are prepared.

When you hire Simon | Paschal PLLC, you can trust that your business, your employees and your livelihood are in good hands.  We are not just lawyers; we are business owners.  We created Simon | Paschal PLLC from the ground up and we work daily to see it flourish.  As a result, we work just as hard, if not harder, to see our clients flourish.  We view ourselves as an extension of you and when you succeed, we succeed.

This also means we understand and are sensitive to the costs involved with operating your business.  As a result, you will get legal counsel that is focused on practical results, legal counsel that is focused on efficiency and effectiveness, legal counsel that understands legal services are necessity and not a luxury, and legal counsel focused on minimizing fees and costs whenever and wherever possible.

When you hire Simon | Paschal PLLC, you get a unique combination perfectly matched to meet all your employment law and business law needs.  After working side by side for several years, we have developed, mastered and perfected an aptitude and talent often unseen or overlooked in law firms today – genuine teamwork.

We know that no individual lawyer possesses every skill or all abilities.  We also know different legal needs and different legal situations require varying and diverse skills, abilities, personalities, and approaches.  Over the years, we have learned to seamlessly and effortlessly match our talents and integrate our approaches, so the result is a team prepared and skilled for any legal need or situation.

With Simon | Paschal PLLC, you will never have to wonder if it is worth the expense to contact us for assistance.  You will know that your success is our primary concern, and you will know…the true cost is not asking.

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