Flat Fee Services

Occasionally the need arises for limited projects or assistance outside of an ongoing attorney-client relationship. For instance, an employer may seek training for a group of newly hired employees or newly promoted managers. An entrepreneur may need a corporation formed to proceed with his new venture. An employer may be facing an employee complaint and need a workplace investigation. The lawyers at Simon | Paschal PLLC understand these needs and have specific flat fee services to address them.

Entity Formation

As a service to entrepreneurs, existing business owners, or anyone seeking to form new entities, Simon | Paschal PLLC offers flat fee entity formation services. Whether your entity is a partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation we can efficiently access your entity formation needs.

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Registered Agent Services

All entities in Texas are required to have a Texas registered agent. One of the many benefits of hiring a lawyer as your registered agent is that we can sift through the junk mail that often fools business owners to sign up for services that are not required. More importantly, if your business is ever sued.

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Workplace Investigations

Even with your best efforts as an employer, you likely will receive complaints from employees regarding workplace conduct and actions by other employees and managers/supervisors. While those complaints often can be investigated and handled internally, you may occasionally need an outside investigator. For example, an outside investigator may be an insurance requirement, the complaint may be sensitive enough to necessitate an unbiased third party, the complaint may involve upper management, or you may anticipate litigation.

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Workplace HR Training

Every workplace needs training for its employees not only on its handbook, policies, and procedures but also on the relevant employment laws applicable to all companies, workplaces, employees and managers. This training can prevent lawsuits, limit damages available to an aggrieved employee, and create a more harmonious and productive workplace. Who better to provide this training than employment attorneys experienced not only in advising employers on these matters on a day-to- day basis but also experienced in defending employers in court?

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