General Counsel

At Simon | Paschal PLLC, we want to be a team for life and we want you and your business to succeed like it is our own. We know a guiding hand can be critical in rough seas and a swift and knowledgeable advisor is invaluable when your company is sailing along. It is with this in mind that the team at Simon | Paschal PLLC offers a fractional general counsel program that provides you legal support and advice in the areas of Employment Law AND Business Law.

For a low, flat monthly fee, you can hire Simon | Paschal PLLC as a true extension of your business. Call us with a quick question about a personnel issue. Send us a contract to review and revise. Send us to the negotiation table on your behalf. Ask us to provide your company strategic and long term legal planning and advice. It is all included in your flat monthly fee. Make our team a member of your team.

The General Counsel program enables you to hire us as your General Counsel on a fractional basis. Rather than spend $125,000 per year on a single General Counsel, you can hire the entire Simon | Paschal PLLC law firm for a fraction of the cost. By sharing the firm with other companies, you are able also to share the cost and thus pay just a portion of what you would otherwise pay. We truly live by our motto and your business becomes our own. You can utilize the full complement of our services without worrying about an hourly rate or time on the clock. It truly is like a General Counsel just down the hall.

Excluding lawsuits, the full range of our employment law and business law services are at your disposal for one flat rate, regardless of usage or time. In addition, we can participate with you in long-term strategic planning for your business by providing legal perspectives, implications and ramifications. With Simon | Paschal PLLC’s General Counsel, you truly have a lawyer on staff and ready to go.