Workplace Investigation

Despite your best efforts as an employer, you likely will receive complaints from employees regarding workplace conduct and actions by other employees and managers/supervisors. Occasionally, those complaints may be related to areas protected under relevant employment laws – race, gender, disability, age, etc. While those complaints often can be investigated and handled internally, you may occasionally need an outside investigator. For example, an outside investigator may be an insurance requirement, the complaint may be sensitive enough to necessitate an unbiased third party, the complaint may involve upper management, or you may anticipate litigation.

Whatever the reason, when you need an outside investigator, the attorneys at Simon | Paschal PLLC can assist. Not only are they practicing employment lawyers with experience in court, but also they regularly conduct workplace investigations for their clients and present on the topic of workplace investigations to employers, business organizations, trade organizations and HR organizations. They understand not only the nuts and bolts of workplace investigations, but also the implications and potential trial consequences of workplace investigations.

A thorough and proper workplace investigation can provide defenses in trial, insulate you from high damages amounts, and efficiently resolve workplace conflict. If you are in need of someone to conduct a workplace investigation, contact Simon | Paschal PLLC today.


Single employee complaint involving 5 witnesses or less


Complaint involving more than 5 but less than 10 witnesses


  • 1-hour telephone consultation
  • Review of all relevant documentation
  • Interviews of complaining party, accused party, and relevant witnesses
  • Post-investigation review meeting (telephonic)
  • Post-investigation findings memorandum
  • + Travel expenses for locations more than 50 miles outside the DFW metroplex

If your needs do not fall into the categories above, contact us to discuss your anticipated investigation and the involved costs.