Why You Need Employment Contracts for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you have a lot of balls in the air. Bottom line: you want to ensure the success of your company and protect your interests. 

One way to do that is through employment contracts. These legal documents are more important than you might think for setting clear expectations and avoiding legal disputes. Yet, they are often overlooked in small business settings. 

Let’s take a look at the importance of employment contracts for your small business.

What is an Employment Contract?

At its core, an employment contract is a legal document that establishes the terms of the relationship between an employer and an employee. 

These terms can cover various aspects such as compensation, job duties, benefits, termination procedures, and intellectual property rights.

It serves as a roadmap for both parties to start off on the same page.

What’s Included in an Employment Contract?

A detailed employment contract defines key elements like job duties, compensation packages, work hours, and benefits. 

It can also include provisions on non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, and dispute resolution mechanisms that can further protect your business’s interests.


Compensation is a significant element that is explicitly detailed in an employment contract. It specifies the agreed upon salary, bonuses, commissions, or any other forms of remuneration. 

Additionally, an employment contract may outline the frequency and method of payment to ensure transparency and fairness.

Job Responsibilities 

Job duties and responsibilities are clearly defined in the contract to prevent ambiguity and confusion. This helps both employers and employees to have a shared understanding of their roles, tasks, and performance expectations. 

By explicitly stating the scope of work, an employment contract lays the foundation for effective communication and goal alignment.

Employee Benefits 

Benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, or other perks, can also be included in an employment contract. 

By specifying the various benefits provided by the employer, employees can have peace of mind knowing what they are entitled to.


Termination procedures are a crucial element of an employment contract that addresses the conditions and processes under which either party may end the employment relationship. 

This section can include notice periods, severance packages, or other relevant terms to ensure a fair and orderly separation, should it become necessary.

Intellectual Property

Protection of intellectual property rights is another important component that may be included in an employment contract, particularly for businesses involved in creativity, innovation, or proprietary work. 

This ensures that any work created during the course of employment belongs to the employer.

Benefits of Employment Contracts for Small Businesses

Employment contracts provide small businesses with numerous benefits, including protecting business interests, preventing disputes, mitigating legal risks, enhancing professionalism, attracting top talent, and fostering a positive work culture.

These contracts help prevent misunderstandings and disputes, thereby shielding the business from potential legal liabilities.

Templates vs. Customized Employment Contracts

Using templates can be convenient and time-saving, especially for small businesses that may not have extensive resources for drafting contracts from scratch. Templates provide a basic framework and can be used as a starting point and guide for drafting a contract.

However, templates may not fully address the unique needs and nuances of your business. Each company has its own set of requirements, industry-specific considerations, and specific circumstances that need to be taken into account. Using a template without customization can potentially leave gaps or overlook important details that are crucial for your business’s operations and protection.

Customized employment contracts, on the other hand, are tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that your business’s interests are adequately safeguarded.

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