Employment Law Dallas, TX: 5 Steps for Creating a Protective Handbook

Employment Law Dallas TXEmployers in modern business are finding it harder and harder to grapple with the legalities of employment law in Dallas, TX. Companies regularly face lawsuits from past, present, and prospective employees, but many times these lawsuits are simply the result of a disgruntled employee trying to exploit a business for his own financial gain. One way for employers to avoid such legal trouble is to create of a top-notch employee handbook; here are 5 steps to take when creating a document that will protect your company from frivolous lawsuits.

  1. Clearly outline the resources available to employees who experience harassment. Harassment is a common reason for employee lawsuits, but the business itself doesn’t have to be responsible for the act or for negligence in the matter. Businesses can avoid many problems by clearly describing the method for an employee to seek help in this circumstance and ensuring that resources are functioning as described in the handbook.
  2. Describe Compensation and Work Schedule.  Legal requirements for payment and overtime schedules are stringent, so consider enlisting a lawyer as you try and understand this part of employment law in Dallas, TX. You can help your business out by offering this information in detail in your handbook; protect yourself from liability by letting each employee know what to expect regarding pay and work schedule.
  3. Include a Standard of Conduct.  Let your employees know, in relative detail, what is expected of them in the workplace. This includes their legal responsibilities in the office, such as avoiding discrimination and other current issues. Proactive attention to this area can save you from responsibility of your employees’ actions down the road.
  4. Make Reading Your Handbook Mandatory.  If you don’t hold your employees responsible for the content of your handbook, you could be liable for their lack of discretion or workplace ethics down the road. Consider issuing a hard copy to every employee and including a signature page.
  5. Include a Disclaimer.  Don’t get backed into a legal corner; including a disclaimer on your handbook communicates that your handbook is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, and that any bad behavior not discussed in the handbook is not permissible.

Call Simon Paschal PLLC at (972) 893-9340 to help you navigate through the murky waters of employment law in Dallas, TX. We care about protecting employers from unnecessary legal action, and an employment lawyer can ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to stay on the right side of legal issues.

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