Business Law Dallas TX: Five Common Types of Business Disputes

Business Law Dallas TXEven the smoothest-running Dallas businesses will find themselves in litigation under business law Dallas TX at one time or another. When a business is sued or when a business needs to bring suit, the business attorneys at Simon | Paschal PLLC are available to provide experienced legal counsel for all types of commercial litigation.

Business Law Dallas TX: Five Types of Business Disputes

Business lawsuits can be about nearly anything, but some types of commercial litigation are more common than others. Here are five types of commercial suits that many businesses face:

  1. Breach of Contract. When a business and another business or person enter into a contract, a breach is more likely than not. Whether because the document was poorly drafted or one party simply could not hold up its end of the deal, breach of contract happens over and over again in the business world. If one party to a contract does not perform, a lawsuit is sure to follow.
  2. Employee Disputes. Businesses with employees are exposed to employment lawsuits –  whether it’s for race discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or age discrimination, employers must stay on their toes, and even if a business follows all the rules, disgruntled employees can still file suit.
  3. Partnership/Member Disputes. Lawsuits are very common when internal business relationships go south. If one member or partner feels the other is abusing the business, stealing money, or simply not abiding by the company’s bylaws or operating agreement, the aggrieved party can sue. For small businesses, in particular, these types of cases are often very emotional and can get expensive.
  4. Intellectual Property Disputes. Corporations in the creative field can become embroiled in litigation over intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks and patents.
  5. Fraud and Misrepresentation. Companies that are owed money will file a fraud suit against another company if that company made fraudulent misrepresentations obtaining money or property. These types of suits are often paired up with claims for “piercing the corporate veil”, which seek to not only hold the company liable for the fraud but also the shareholders or members, who would typically be shielded from liability by the corporate form.

Business Attorney Dallas TX – Experienced Legal Counsel is a Must

Businesses cannot represent themselves in court in Texas; if a business gets sued or wants to file suit, it must hire legal counsel. Simon | Paschal PLLC has the experienced business lawyers necessary for the complex world of commercial litigation. Call (972) 893-9340 or visit to get in touch with our legal team.

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