Employment Lawyer Dallas TX: Is Your Employment Handbook Up To Date?

Employment Lawyer Dallas TXSuccessful companies understand the need to seek employee handbook advice from an employment lawyer Dallas TX. Your employment handbook is a vital resource for both employers and employees. It communicates valuable information about company procedures, policies and benefits. This concise document clearly lays out the expectations of all people working for your company. It is also a crucial tool in protecting your company against legal claims of discrimination or unfair treatment.

Employment Lawyer Dallas TX: Why Do You Need an Employment Handbook?

An employment handbook is an essential guide, not only for your employees and managers, but for you as well. It communicates the policies of your organization, helps to ensure that all of your employees are treated equally, promotes a fair work place and is useful in litigation situations. Without an employment handbook your company might be vulnerable to certain legal claims.

What Should You Consider Before Updating Your Handbook?

Before you begin the process of writing or updating your employment handbook, there are several tasks to complete. Review the policies of your company and make changes if necessary. Determine the current goals and needs of your organization. Collect input on your goals and needs from your managers and your employees. Research federal and state laws that pertain to anti-discrimination, labor relations, medical and family acts, federal and state regulations. Contact your employment attorney Dallas TX for legal counsel on creating the most effective employment handbook for your company.

What Should The Up-to-Date Handbook Include?

Your employment handbook should include, but not be limited to, a general introduction, an outline of wages and benefits, details about performance and code of conduct expectations and provisions for termination of employment.

The general introduction section should include all of the relevant information about applications, workplace safety, workplace violence, emergency evacuations, employment eligibility, fraternization and complaint procedures.

The outline of wages should clearly state employee classifications, work week definitions, meal and rest periods during shifts, means of keeping records of time worked, the frequency at which employees are paid, the dates they can expect to be paid and any necessary information regarding direct deposit payments. The outline should include expectations for normal working hours and overtime hours. It should also detail the policies for taking leaves from work for medical, military, bereavement and vacation periods. Expenses should also be addressed so that employees understand the limitations of expense spending, the authorization required for expense purposes, and the policies for submitting receipts for company purchases.

The benefits component of your employment handbook should provide your employees with all of the information they need about medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending insurance plans your company offers. It should also provide information about retirement savings, investments and life insurance plans that are available to employees of your company.

The performance and code of conduct segment explain the expectations of behavior while your employees are at work. It defines expectations for attendance, appearance, dress code, non-permissible activities and acceptable use of company property. The termination provisions specify the particulars regarding voluntary and involuntary terminations, termination notice periods, exit interviews, final paychecks and job references.

Call Simon | Paschal for Help With Your Employee Handbook

Your employment handbook does not have to be limited to the details listed above; for advice on a more customized handbook for your company, get advice from professional legal counsel. An up to date employment handbook is an essential resource to running a successful company. Contact your employment lawyer Dallas TX to review your employee handbook. Call Simon | Paschal PLLC at (972) 893-9340 to schedule an appointment today.

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