Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Employee Handbooks

Employment Law Attorney Dallas TXAn employment law attorney Dallas TX advises businesses on many matters pertaining to hiring, training and terminating employees. Writing employee handbooks is another one of the services offered by employment attorneys. Although it may not seem like an important matter, a poorly written or incomplete employee handbook can cause misunderstandings, or worse, among workers and their bosses.

Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: Do Employees Need to Sign their Handbooks?

When employees receive a new or updated handbook, federal law doesn’t require them to sign a paper stating they’ve read the book. However, many employment attorneys and human resources reps think it’s important to get an employee signature. A signed acknowledgment shows that the employee has read about company policies and procedures, and is aware that they are subject to ”at-will” employment. The employee handbook isn’t an employment contract. An employer may need signed acknowledgement that an employee has received a handbook in the event of a legal dispute.

Employment Law Attorney Dallas TX: When an Employee Doesn’t Sign an Acknowledgement Form

Employees sometimes believe that if they don’t sign the acknowledgment form, they can’t be held accountable if they don’t follow procedures. The employee signature shows the employee has received the employee handbook and nothing more.

An employer may consider a refusal to sign an employee handbook acknowledgement form as a reason for termination. Companies shouldn’t pursue this option without carefully consulting an employment lawyer. Employers need to weigh the cost and consequences of hiring a replacement for the employee versus keeping the non-signing employee. Any rules pertaining to signing employee handbook acknowledgment forms should be the same for all employees in the company.

Simon | Paschal PLLC employment law attorney Dallas TX offers writing and editing services for employee handbooks. We’ll make sure your handbook has all the content you need to correctly advise new hires and current employees on your policies. We’ll also offer you advice on how to handle situations involving employees who refuse to sign acknowledgement forms. Call us today at 972-893-9340 for a consultation for any of your employment law needs.

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