Non Compete Attorney Dallas TX: The Truth About Non-Compete Contracts

Non Compete Attorney Dallas TXA non compete attorney Dallas TX may tell you not to sign a non-compete contract in order to start a new job. However, many people who are looking for work may not have the luxury to choose. Times are tough and people usually need to take any job opportunity that comes their way, even if they have to sign non-compete contracts and would rather not. Before you do that, however, it’s important to know what you are agreeing to.

Non Compete Attorney Dallas TX Tells the Truth About Non-Compete Agreements
Non-compete contracts essentially say that you will not work for a company or start one of your own that is like the company you are about to hire on to. For instance, if you work for a fire-protection company, you may have to sign a non-compete agreement stating that when your employment ends for said fire-protection company, you will not become employed by another similar type of business or start one of your own. Often, the reasoning behind this is that you will not use the skills or techniques you learned at this job to benefit another company down the road. A non compete attorney Dallas T is an excellent resource to use when you are faced with making a decision about whether or not you should sign such an agreement.

What a Non-Compete Agreement Should Have
Before you sign a non-compete agreement, you should make sure the terms are reasonable and the contract is complete. For instance, the agreement should have a length of time for which the terms are binding. A non-compete contract can’t last forever; often, they may last for a few years. Make sure you understand the length of time that is expected and agree to it, before signing. Also, the types of companies you are prohibited from working for should be clear. For instance, an agreement doesn’t typically mean any company in the same industry; it may just cover businesses it considers as competitors or those that are within a certain distance of the company you are about to work for. Additionally, you’ll also need to make sure the location is specified. For example, the contract should say whether it includes the businesses within a certain county, the state, or even the country. Should you move, you’ll need to know what you legally agreed to before attempting to seek another job in the same industry.

Know Exactly What You Agree to Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Consult with a non compete attorney Dallas TX from Simon | Paschal if you have any questions about the non-compete agreement you are about to sign, or if you have concerns about a contract that you have already agreed to. Contact us today by calling 972-839-9340 to speak with an attorney about your situation and to get the answers you need.

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