Why Your Small Business Needs A Non Compete Attorney in Dallas TX

Non Compete Attorney Dallas TXWhen you’re a small business owner every dollar makes a difference, which can make the idea of allocating resources to a non-compete attorney in Dallas, Texas seem like a bit of a luxury. Or, you might not feel like you have the level of staff to justify the effort or expense. However, it is worth the effort to protect your intellectual assets from getting into the wrong hands should one of your trusted employees defect to the competition. Here are three great reasons to consider having a non-compete attorney in Dallas, Texas draw up your own small business non-compete agreement.

1.  It can enhance the value of your company when it comes time to sell

Protecting the value of your business is important if you think you may have plans to sell it in the future. Being able to promise a future buyer that all of the trade secrets and other intellectual property are intact and have been safeguarded from competitive intrusion can be the difference between a sale and a deal that fizzles. It also says something about the loyalty of the staff, whose knowledge and talents may be one of the major attractors of business or fan following. A non-compete agreement that has been appropriately drafted by an attorney can in itself become a valuable business asset.

2.  It can make it less likely the competition will poach your staff

For many small businesses, this may be the most attractive reason for drafting a non-compete agreement. However, be advised that you must have a legitimate reason beyond simply trying to keep your talent on your payroll to enter into a non-compete agreement with them. A good attorney will be able to provide the guidance you need to determine if you have the necessary grounds.

3.  It safeguards your customer base

Perhaps one of the greatest fears of small business owners is not that an employee will simply go work for the competition, but drag your entire hard-won customer base with them. If the thought of that is enough to jolt you awake at night, you should definitely consult with a non-compete attorney in Dallas, TX.

Don’t wait until it is too late to employ the advantages of using non-compete agreements. For help with your structuring your non-compete agreement for your small business, contact an attorney today at Simon Paschal today at.

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