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Business Law Dallas TXIn the event of injury, catastrophe, or any life-threatening event, you need business law in Dallas TX on your side. In an effort to be prepared for the worst, smaller businesses, in particular, should take steps to build a strong safety net that more-than-adequately protects your business.

Preventing incidents in your business is essential, not only to preserve the health and lives of your staff, but also to avoid the complications of problematic legal battles. However, if someone at your business experiences these unfortunate circumstances, you will most likely have to deal with a lawsuit.

According to business law in Dallas TX, workers’ compensation provides protection if a business member is injured at work. Often, that compensation is the only system aiding and compensating the injured employee. If the employer is held responsible in any way, he or she no longer has the protection of workers’ compensation.

Whether the injured person is a full-time employee, a contractor, or patron, any injury or death determined the result of the business’ negligence will likely result in a lawsuit. The only option, in that instance, is for a business has is to pursue legal defense. Retaining experienced legal counsel is the best way to be prepared; no matter what other precautions you take, you cannot be sure to avoid accidents.

If you are faced with these unfortunate circumstances, the first thing you should do (other than call your lawyer) is look over your business insurance policies. Your policy will contain the specific directions on what to do when submitting a claim. If you do not make a claim, you may not get the coverage you need.

If the insurance group takes the claim and the suit begins, the insurance company will want to recommend a lawyer on your behalf. However, because this attorney is paid by the insurance company, whether your interest will always be their priority is questionable. They will be pushed by the insurance group to do what is best for the insurance company. Having your own lawyer can help you make sure you get the coverage you need throughout the proceedings.

Businesses will undoubtedly face legal issues as some point in time. Whether it’s accident and injury protection, employment and dismissal claims, or any other business-related legal issue, you need reliable, experienced lawyers on your side. To find that help with business law in Dallas TX, contact Simon and Paschal at, or call them at 972-893-9340. Start protecting your business now.

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