Sexual Harassment In your Company and How an HR Lawyer Can Help

HR Lawyer DallasManaging a business can be difficult, but hiring an HR lawyer to ensure your employees are working in a safe and successful environment can decrease your stress. Sexual harassment is a serious problem that can affect your business’ productivity, success, and the overall emotional health of your workplace. So, you and your employees need a comprehensive understanding of this common problem. Here are a few signs that sexual harassment is a problem in your workplace.

Sexist Comments and Behavior Targeted To One Person

If you hear an employee making lewd comments to another employee, that is a common sign of sexual harassment. Calling an employee an inappropriate name or discussing inappropriate topics with another employee can be considered forms of sexual harassment.

In addition, making rude faces and hand gestures or touching another person without permission can be forms of sexual harassment.

Lastly, if you hear an employee belittling someone for being a member of the opposite sex, this can be a form of harassment. This is also known as sexual discrimination.

Inappropriate Discussions Not Targeted To One Individual

Sexual, offensive, or inappropriate comments, jokes, and stories that are discussed in a group-like setting also can be considered forms of sexual harassment. If a male or female employee makes an inappropriate comment in a setting that includes members of the opposite sex, they can make a formal complaint to your company’s human resources department and legal team. The harassment does not have to be targeted to one individual.

Quid Pro Quo

The Latin translation of ‘Quid Pro Quo” means “This for That,” which is also a common sign found in many sexual harassment cases. If an employee intimidates or uses force on another employee, in hopes of receiving sexual favors to keep their job or receive financial gain, this is a form of ‘Quid Pro Quo.”

Quid Pro Quo is a very invasive and obvious form of harassment that requires immediate punishment, reducing your company’s risk of expensive and damaging lawsuits.

Hiring an HR Lawyer

It is imperative to discuss the emotional, physical, and financial ramifications of sexual harassment in the workplace with your employees. While many of your workers will find this discussion annoying and unnecessary, addressing the consequences of a sexual harassment claim can open your employee’s eyes.

If a sexual harassment claim has been filed against an employee or your company, make sure to take the claim seriously and contact an HR lawyer from Simon|Paschal in the Dallas area at (972) 893-9340.

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