The SP Opinion: Reconsider Progressive Discipline

Progressive discipline dates back almost 100 years and is considered standard procedure for the vast majority of employers.  If you fall in the majority, have you stopped to consider why you use a progressive discipline policy and whether it is time for a change? The idea of a progressive discipline policy is to give employees […]

Planning for the Return to Work

While no one knows when the local, state, and federal governments will allow all employees to return to the office and conduct business as “normal,” we do know that at some point in that future that will occur.  Anticipating now the issues you’ll face as you consider bringing back employees is critical to ensuring a […]

Safe Place to Work? Issues to Consider with Your Remote Workers

In March, numerous businesses were forced to close their physical offices and create work from home opportunities for their employees to ensure efficient operations continued.  For some companies that had already converted to a virtual remote workspace, this transition was easy.  For the majority of businesses, however, this was unexpected and presented numerous growing pains.  […]

Dallas Paid Sick Leave Update

On the eve of the first day of enforcement for the Dallas Paid Sick Leave law, Judge Sean Jordan of the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Texas issued a temporary injunction stopping application and enforcement of the law.  So what does this mean for companies with employees that were subject to the […]

Enforceability of Employment Arbitration Agreements

If you are hiring new employees or developing a new employment contract, you may be wondering if you put an arbitration agreement in the contract. For many employers, arbitration agreements are preferable for resolving employment disputes that may arise at a later date. However, it is extremely important for employers to ensure that arbitration agreements […]