9 Things You Didn’t Know About Employment Law (SMB Edition)

Understanding employment law is important for both employers and employees in creating a fair and safe workplace. These laws, also known as labor laws, protect the rights of workers while also ensuring the success of businesses.  While some common labor laws are well-known, such as minimum wage and anti-discrimination laws, there are several things about […]

Decoding Reasonable Accommodation: Ensuring Workplace Inclusivity

When it comes to understanding what constitutes a reasonable accommodation, it’s one of the questions we get the most! 

In this blog post, we cover the importance of reasonable accommodation, understand its legal framework, explore different types of accommodations, discuss the interactive process, and highlight its benefits.

Discrimination in the Workplace in Dallas, TX Can Harm Your Business

Unfortunately, many businesses are forced to deal with discrimination in the workplace in Dallas, TX. However, with help from experienced experts, some cases may never make it to court–and those that do can be dealt with in a swift and professional manner. So, whether you are a new business looking to protect yourself from possible […]

Discrimination in the Workplace in Dallas TX: Age Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace in Dallas, TX can take many forms; an employee can claim discrimination based upon his race, religion, sex, disability, and even his age. Not all Texas business owners are bound by age discrimination laws, but many are, and age discrimination issues can be tricky to navigate. In Texas, age discrimination is […]

Employment Law in Dallas, TX: Reasonable Accommodations for Employees

Most business owners are familiar with some aspects of employment law in Dallas, TX. They know that they are prohibited by law from discriminating against their employees based upon race, religion, gender, age and disability. However, they may not know that certain employees must receive reasonable accommodations at work based upon their protected class. Employers […]

Employment Law Dallas TX Does Not Have to Hurt Your Business

From contracts and severance agreements to potential charges involving discrimination or safety, employment law Dallas TX can be ridiculously complex. And in today’s world, just about every aspect of your business can be adversely affected by poor planning–and the unexpected can always happen. However, Simon | Paschal can assist your business with all aspects of employment […]

Employment Law Dallas, TX: 5 Steps for Creating a Protective Handbook

Employers in modern business are finding it harder and harder to grapple with the legalities of employment law in Dallas, TX. Companies regularly face lawsuits from past, present, and prospective employees, but many times these lawsuits are simply the result of a disgruntled employee trying to exploit a business for his own financial gain. One […]

Discrimination in the Workplace in Dallas, TX: Types of Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace in Dallas, TX can disrupt a business in a number of ways: it makes employees miserable, reduces productivity, and leads to expensive lawsuits. Business owners should be aware of the different types of workplace discrimination and take steps to prevent management from taking discriminatory action. The end of discrimination in the […]

Discrimination In The Workplace In Dallas, TX: Solving Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace in Dallas, TX, and anywhere else in the country, can happen to anyone in any position. Unfortunately it is all too common when it comes to being an employee. You’ve already learned about the numerous types of discrimination there are, from age discrimination to sexual harassment, but what steps do you […]