Employment Law Dallas TX: Understand the Changes to FLSA in 2016

One of the most difficult responsibilities for an organization is to stay on top of employment law Dallas TX. Every year sees new legislation and updates to existing laws regarding employees. 2015 was a busy year with changes at the federal, state, and local levels. Projections for the upcoming year could be even more eventful. […]

Employment Lawyer Dallas TX: Is Your Employment Handbook Up To Date?

Successful companies understand the need to seek employee handbook advice from an employment lawyer Dallas TX. Your employment handbook is a vital resource for both employers and employees. It communicates valuable information about company procedures, policies and benefits. This concise document clearly lays out the expectations of all people working for your company. It is […]

Hiring Employees or Subcontractors? Get Employment Lawyers Dallas TX

Hiring someone for your business could require the help of employment lawyers Dallas TX, and Simon Paschal has the answers you’re looking for. Whether you want to hire an employee or subcontractor, you’ll need to know how the IRS classifies these individuals; there is a lot more to the process than just deciding whether you’ll […]

Employment Lawyers Dallas TX: Let’s Talk About Retaliation Claims

Our employment lawyers Dallas TX know that most business owners do their best not to discriminate and to provide reasonable accommodation to their employees. However, many business owners do not consider the prospect of a retaliation claim on top of the underlying complaint. Retaliation claims can result in a double ding for the employer – […]

Employment Law Dallas TX: The FLSA and Independent Contractors

All Dallas business owners must be familiar with employment law Dallas TX, including the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which regulates minimum wage, overtime pay, hours worked, employer recordkeeping, and the use of child labor in every state. Employers must abide by the FLSA or they can face stiff monetary penalties and even incarceration. […]

Employment Law in Dallas, TX: Reasonable Accommodations for Employees

Most business owners are familiar with some aspects of employment law in Dallas, TX. They know that they are prohibited by law from discriminating against their employees based upon race, religion, gender, age and disability. However, they may not know that certain employees must receive reasonable accommodations at work based upon their protected class. Employers […]

Employment Law Dallas TX Does Not Have to Hurt Your Business

From contracts and severance agreements to potential charges involving discrimination or safety, employment law Dallas TX can be ridiculously complex. And in today’s world, just about every aspect of your business can be adversely affected by poor planning–and the unexpected can always happen. However, Simon | Paschal can assist your business with all aspects of employment […]

Employment Law Dallas, TX: 5 Steps for Creating a Protective Handbook

Employers in modern business are finding it harder and harder to grapple with the legalities of employment law in Dallas, TX. Companies regularly face lawsuits from past, present, and prospective employees, but many times these lawsuits are simply the result of a disgruntled employee trying to exploit a business for his own financial gain. One […]

Employment Law in Dallas, TX: Protect Your Business Today!

Why do you need an advocate knowledgeable in employment law in Dallas, TX? Because the current number of employment laws and regulations is utterly staggering. As a business owner or human resources manager, you must be aware of each and every one if you want to protect your business. A professional attorney specializing in employment law […]

Understanding Independent Contractor and Employment Law In Dallas, TX

Starting a new business can be fun and exciting, but if you’re going to hire people, you need to know about employment law in Dallas, TX. There is much to learn, but the biggest thing you’ll need to understand is when you’re hiring one or many independent contractors. This guide provides you with what you need […]